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Welcome Advantian,

This is the place you will be able to find updates to Advantis AI. Stay tuned for more. Current (active) progress: - Scraping functionality installation (DONE) - Testing all functionalities - Data analyzing - Stress testing - Beta phase 2 Advantis Team

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Hey there, everyone! As you may have heard, we've officially launched Advantis.AI to our "legacy" members - internally - on Discord! The public launch on 04-FEB is following shortly, and even if the r

As you all know, we have released a new token (Advantis token), and although our goals were to have the AI ready, we could not achieve that due to a DNS error and some other minor tweaks that were req

Hello everyone! As we know, Advantis AI's development is nearing the end of its first development cycle. We wanted to take this time to update you on the development progress and the hurdles we have o

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