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Status Update of Advantis AI

Hello everyone!

As we know, Advantis AI's development is nearing the end of its first development cycle. We wanted to take this time to update you on the development progress and the hurdles we have overcome.

In June of this year, we started detecting anomalies in the APIs we used through BSC Scan and other sources. At this time, we realized that certain information was no longer available through professional APIs. Around July, we started seeing that BSC Scan and Ether Scan were deleting data from their database around scam tokens and dead tokens.

How were we able to fix this?

At this point, BSC Scan and Ether Scan provided most of the data required. However, this would no longer work as data discrepancies, and deleted data would not provide long-term accuracy to our AI.

The first step was to find new APIs with a direct-to-node connection. This allows us to pull transactional data, token data, token names, and a lot of what the AI needs to be able to do its tasks and provide scores. To work with the APIs, the entire data flow structure had to be re-created to match what the AI was expecting. In the end, we could pull 85% of the data required for the AI to work correctly, but we still needed 15%. We tried many API and node access services, but we needed help to pull the extra 15% of the data as their API endpoints did not support that final bit of data we were trying to capture. The fix for the final 15% of data is to pull data from sites like Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and Dextools. This allows us to have multiple sources to pull the data from and achieve the complete 100% of data required with redundancy.

Now the team is working on bugs and fixes; as a lot of the back end has changed, we have to update some of the code for the visible data shared with the end user. Although the data is correct, we need to change some things and remove previous fixes attempted with previous APIs.

Current hurdles

Top holders holding %.

Although the data is correct, we must remove the converter from WEI to standard %. This is because when you pull directly from a node, the numbers are provided in WEI, not whole numbers. This has caused an issue of displaying 0.30% instead of 30%, and 3% was showing as 0.03%. This previous fix is being removed. However, the dollar value and the total number of tokens are correct.

Final score analysis

Although the AI correctly creates and updates the score, the breakdown is flipped. If it sees a low score, it provides a green dot showing a low risk. The high scores show high risk. This is a simple thing that needs to be flipped. This took a back seat during the API issues as it was more important to get the data correct.

Token icon

Token Icons are being pulled from multiple sources, but depending on the source may cause the token icon not to show up initially. The fix is to unify how the token icon is stored. This took a back seat during the API issues as it was more important to get the data correct.

The next step, after bug fixes have been implemented

A database reset to remove any inconsistent data and reduce the size of storage. Since the API and other fixes have been implemented in the recent updates, some data is stuck in the database and needs to be stored properly. Therefore, we will reset the collected data for transactions, holders, icons, and liquidity unlocks to reduce possible errors and clean the database for space efficiency.

The reason why the accuracy of data is so crucial to Advantis AI

Advantis AI is a system to help detect scams and provides accurate data to the end user. With the accuracy of data, the AI will perform appropriately in giving precise information, and the AI will be effectively helpful. Our top priority is to remove any bugs that may cause confusion or provide incorrect data before the public launch. So top priority will always be "accuracy."

Final words

Advantis AI is not just another token-scanning site that uses simple APIs and scrapers to pull data every time the token is searched. Advantis AI changes the paradigm by always being connected, constantly scanning, and always pulling accurate information. This is a highly complex task that has not been achieved up until this point. This will make Advantis AI the most powerful tool for investors and developers. After the launch of Advantis AI, we will be moving to our nodes and API endpoints. This will allow us to be self-sufficient in pulling data directly from the blockchain. Because we are creating our API endpoints, we can control how the data is fed to the AI. This will not change how the database collects data and will be a seamless transition between versions.

Team Advantis

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