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Progress Update Advantis AI

As you all know, we have released a new token (Advantis token), and although our goals were to have the AI ready, we could not achieve that due to a DNS error and some other minor tweaks that were required. There was an option to break apart the services and put them on their servers.

Although this would add a little time, the reward was too high to ignore. Each service that feeds the AI data has been put on separate servers. The database is on its cloud infrastructure. Each service and the database are now like lego pieces. They can be updated separately and will scale as necessary. This increases the speed of the overall website, and every service can be worked on and fixed without taking down the entire website.

This will help with future development and bug fixes along the way. What needed to be completed for this to work? First, each service must be on a server and connected to the primary system through the load balancer. Each service requires the server to be able to restart and start those services automatically.

Finally, files need to be created so that when a scaling event happens, the server can download everything and get the server up and running to help reduce server load. I am happy to say that all of these tasks have been completed.

There is a test that is being done that we will spool up a couple of different servers to make sure they talk to the load balancer and all work together to reduce load. The first attempt was made today. However, there was a port issue that may have been solved already. So WAF has been enabled to reduce the chance of DDOS attacks.

Email services have been set up for user signup, and our limit has been increased by Amazon, as requested.

The infrastructure is also completed; internal testing can start if the port issue is completed. This is to ensure all services are working as expected and that the AI provides good data and scores.

We want to end with the following. There will not be a beta two phase for Advantis AI. We are looking to speed up the process as soon as we get everything mentioned earlier in place. We will share a timeline when we are confident about meeting the release date. This should follow shortly after more testing with current testers when this new update is installed.

Stress-testing or changes being made may include some UI elements, including adding and removing specific features to improve the functionality further, buttons changing places, and menus being refined.

TLDR: We are looking to speed up the release of Advantis AI. Happy trading, The Advantis team.

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